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Noble is a Designer-Manufacturer of machinery and complete processing lines for potatoes, carrots, onions, turnips, celeriac, salads, walnuts, fruit and vegetable processing… From 1975, Jean-Louis Noble, founder of the company, achieved many successes thanks to the first washing machines of its own design. From the outset, the company specializes in the design of installations intended for the preparation of Fruits and Vegetables.

Many innovative products have earned him success and awards. NOBLE is notably at the origin of materials which are now widely used : Horizontal calibrators (1979), Submerged pre-wash hoppers (1980), Roller graders (1987), Big-bag filler with platforms (1992), Double bin filler equipped with descending conveyors awarded at SIMA (1993). This creativity and the 35 years of experience of the company NOBLE allow it today to effectively advise its customers in their technical choices and the design of their installations through a range of more than 150 machines and variants.

Our Solutions

  • Complete Processing Lines for potato, carrots, onion, turnips, lettuces, celeriac, walnuts, other fruits and vegetables: Washing and polishing lines, Sizing/Grading lines, Double washing and electronic sorting processing line, Topper line, Sizing turnips, Packaging line…
  • Reception : Tranversal hoppers, Even flow hoppers, Longitudinal hoppers
  • Box and Big Bags Tippers and Fillers : Frontal conveyor Palox tippers, Automoatic Palox tippers, Side eject automatic box tipper/tightens Palox, Automatic rotative Palox tippers, Simple Palox tippers, Big-bag hydraulic tipper, Double & Simple Palox filler, Double and Simple big-bag plateform filler
  • Washers and Polishers : 16 Brushes JL30 rotative polisher, Spray washer, Hopper submerged prewash tank, Barrel washer inox, Felt dryer
  • Dry Brushers : Rotative dry brusher, Horizontal dry brusher
  • Cleaning : Clod cleaner, Horizontal haulm choppers, Leaf separator, Water flow destoner, Cyclone destoner
  • Sizing Grading : Oscillating grid sizer grader, Adjustable roller sizer grader, Flexible grid sizer grader, Vibration sizer grader
  • Sorting : Roller sorting table, Broken carrot separator
  • Storage : Static storage tank, Shifting floor storage tank
  • Packaging Area Machines & Equipment : Continuous weigher conveyor, Rotative weigher table, Palletizing platform