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Specialist in the design and manufacture of material for vegetable cultivation, the company Simon was formed in 1968 by Mr Simon. It designs and manufactures a specialist range of material for vegetable cultivation: soil preparation, soil disinfection with a full range of Steam’R, and vegetable harvesters. Located in the heart of the vegetable-growing Loire valley, near Nantes, the company developed in collaboration with the local vegetable farmers before spreading throughout the world. Simon responds to the requirements of vegetable farms as well as those of the largest industries in the sector.

The Simon brand is a brand of the Simon Group, now a specialist in material for vegetable cultivation with its subsidiary businesses. Armed with 34 years of experience in the field of vegetable cultivation material, today Simon is one of the leaders of its market. Over the years, the company has acquired unique, boundary-pushing expertise so that it can provide machines that perform ever more effectively, productively and with respect for the harvested product.

Our Solutions

  • Soil Preparation : Single cultirateau, Triple cultirateau, Flat cultivation cultirateau, Single cultigrille, Single CultiCombi for soil desinfection, Steam’R selfpropelled soil desinfection machine
  • Vegetable Harvester : Three point linkage harvester, Trailed harvester, Harvester for processing carrots, Liner self propelled harvester, Cruiser self propelled harvester, Onion topper, Onion lifter windrower, Onion loader, Corn salad harvester, Three point linkage harvester, Trailed harvester, Beetroots self propelled harvester, Three point linkage harvester, Trailed harvester, Celeriac self propelled harvester
  • Leek Dibber : Leek dibber, Automatic leek dibber
  • Special Machines : Lifting share, Herb harvester, Clam harvester, Nursery harvester, Sugar cane harvester