The DOWNS CropVision® is a great advance in the field of optical grading. Designed to grade unwashed potatoes, the DOWNS CropVision® stands out by its unique and patented combination between industrial cameras analysing the whole surface of the potatoes (360°) and an artificial intelligence algorithm classifying the potatoes according to their quality.

It can differentiate clods, stones, waste, good potatoes, green potatoes, cut potatoes, spoiled potatoes, mishappened potatoes, cracked potatoes.

This innovation makes it possible to reach a highly qualitative sorting at high speed (to 100 t/h).

The DOWNS CropVision® can be integrated into DOWNS’ graders fitted with moving floors of 2800 mm at the widest. This new generation optical grader is the solution to recurrent problems: labour availability, qualitative sorting, economic profitability, food safety and environmental impact.